Your IFA Expert details are stored on the site in a PDF format file.  To change your details create a new PDF file and upload it to the site.

To upload a new file:

  • log on and go to Your Account,
  • hover over Edit, choose Update Your Profile from the drop-down menu,
  • click on the IFA Expert tab,
  • click on the IFA Expert Details field that says "No change of file" and select the "Upload file" option from the drop down menu,
  • click on the "choose file" button in the Select file field to select the file on your computer that you want to upload.
  • A file chooser will open on your computer for you to navigate to the new IFA Expert Details PDF and select it.
  • The file will be uploaded when you click Update at the bottom of the Profile edit window.

You can use your existing PDF file as a starting point for a new file:

  • View your profile, not in edit mode, and click on the IFA Expert tab and then on the PDF file.
  • The file will open in a new window.  You need to get the contents of this window into a word processor document,
    • You can either select the contents of the window directly and paste into a word processor document.
    • or download the window as a PDF file to your computer, open that file, select the contents and paste into a word processor document.
    • Different operating systems handle this process differently, so you may have to experiment to find what works best for you.
    • Unfortunately, formatting is often lost in creating the word processor document from the PDF file, so save the word processor file when finished updating so you can use it again to update your expert details in the future. 
  • Most operating systems have a way to print to a PDF file instead of an actual printer, so use this function to generate the new PDF file from the word processor document and then upload the PDF file. 

Things to include:

  • Affiliations,
  • Credentials,
  • Languages spoken,
  • Topics and audiences,
  • Past resentation titles and locations, and
  • Experience with setting up or credentialing SLP programs and self-help groups.
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