Bidding to Host the World Congress of Fluency Disorders

International Fluency Association (IFA)

The IFA was founded in 1989 to promote international liaison in the area of fluency disorders and to promote the understanding of these disorders. International Congresses are organised every three years in venues selected from around the world. In 1994, the Congress was held in Munich, Germany; San Francisco, USA in 1997; Nyborg, Denmark in 2000; Montreal, Canada in 2003; Dublin, Ireland in 2006; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 2009; Tours, France in 2012 and Lisbon, Portugal in 2015.

Joint working

The IFA is keen to build links with other organisations associated with the field of fluency disorders and Congresses may be arranged in association with other organisations, such as the International Cluttering Association (ICA – joint Congress held in 2015 between the IFA and ICA) and the International Stuttering Association (ISA – joint Congress to be held / has been held in 2018 between the ICA, IFA and ISA). Teams bidding to host future IFA Congresses should be aware of the possibility of collaborative working with these organisations. When these international associations collaborate, it has implications for Congress planning as it affects delegate numbers, room sizes, catering costs, etc.

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