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Social Program

Social Program Article

Please see below for details of the social program. Registration will be open by the end of February, and the planned social events can be booked and paid for via the registration system. We have created a varied program of events, but hope that delegates will also socialize informally in small and large groups, exploring and enjoying Hiroshima together! Places can be booked on all social events for friends and family members as well as delegates themselves. Instructions can be found about booking extra tickets when registration opens.

Thursday 12th July - GUIDED TOURS

On Thursday 12th July (the day before the congress starts) two guided tours are offered. One is a War Heritage guided tour of Hiroshima, and the other is a visit to a local school. Details and prices coming soon.


On the evening of Friday 13th July, our hosts are throwing a Japanese Welcome Party, with food, drinks, karaoke, bingo and a demonstration of taiko drumming by local high school students. Details and prices coming soon.

Saturday 14th July - KAGURA EVENING

Replacing the traditional gala dinner, we will be holding a Kagura Evening. This will be a wonderful evening where delegates can spend time together, eating, drinking, socialising, and enjoying a performance of kagura. Kagura is a traditional Japanese theatrical dance. With its roots in the Shinto religion, kagura was originally performed in the Imperial Court and, over time, spread across Japan, becoming incorporated into folk tradition. With its colorful costumes and symbolic dance, kagura is a feast for the eyes. A grand buffet will be provided and drinks (alcoholic and soft drinks) are included.

When: Saturday 14th July, 19.30-22.00

Where: ANA Crowne Plaza Hotel

Style: Smart (this is your opportunity to dress up a little, if you wish to!)

Includes: Fun, laughter, good conversation, meal (regular and vegetarian diets catered for), soft and alcoholic drinks (included until 21.30 - please note there will be no drinks service after 21.30 and there is no cash bar), kagura performance, opportunity to have your picture taken with the kagura performers, brief awards ceremonies for individuals nominated by the collaborating organisations.

Fee: The standard rate for this event is $62 but, thanks to the incredible generosity of the Japan Stuttering Genyukai Organization, one of our headline sponsors, 200 discounted places are available at the following rates:

$52  Discounted fee for members of ICA, IFA or JSSFD (discounted fee limited to the first 50 registering at this price point)

$38  Discounted fee for people who stutter and people who clutter (discounted fee limited to first 100 registering at this price point)

$29  Discounted rate for students (university students or children and young people in full-time education), and parents, siblings, spouses and partners of people who stutter or clutter (discounted fee limited to the first 50 registering at this price point) 

We kindly ask all attendees to ensure that they only register for discounts for which they are truly eligible, so that the financial support offered by the Japan Stuttering Genyukai Organization is used in the way they have indicated.

Please note:
As is typical at many Japanese social events, there will be limited seating. Most attendees can anticipate standing throughout the event, but there will be some seats and a few tables around the room for those of us who require it! 


Sunday 15th July - OKONOMIYAKI PARTY

The Okonomiyaki Party is a more intimate event, limited to 30 people. Okonomiyaki is a Japanese street food and is a real Hiroshima speciality. The host of the evening will demonstrate how Okonomiyaki is made, and then you get to enjoy eating it. A great option for foodies!

More information and prices to follow.


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