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Stuttering Therapy in The Schools: Focus Groups With School Clinicians

Stuttering Therapy in The Schools: Focus Groups With School Clinicians

John A. Tetnowski, Jack S. Damico, & Jennifer T. Tetnowski
University Of Louisiana at Lafayette, P.O. Box 431 70, Lafayette, LA 70504-3170 USA


Past research has shown that speech-language pathologists lack confidence when working with people who stutter (Brisk, Healey, & Hux, 1997; St. Louis, & Lass, 1981). These data comes primarily from survey, or anecdotal evidence, without in-depth analysis of the causes for this attitude. This study presents results from a series of focus groups with public school clinicians that treat PWS. Results show that clinicians perceive barriers to successful therapy. These barriers include stuttering-specific reasons, such as small incidence of PWS on their caseloads or poor training, as well as organizational-specific reasons, such as lack of flexibility in scheduling and uncooperative teachers.

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Building Bridges with Allied Professionals

Building Bridges with Allied Professionals

John Wade1, J. Scott Yaruss2, Lee Reeves3, And Nina Reardon4
1University of Kansas, Counseling and Psychological Services, 2100 Watkins Health Center, Lawrence, KS 66049 USA
2University of Pittsburgh, 4035’ Forbes Tower; Pittsburgh, PA 15260 USA
3National Stuttering Association, 3207 Independence Pkwy, Plano, TX 75075 USA
4Private Practice, 2602 Deer Court, Ottawa, IL 61350 USA


The purpose of this panel discussion was to consider the importance of collaboration between and among professionals from different fields and with different backgrounds in the treatment and research of stuttering. There are many reasons that collaboration is useful and important. This manuscript summarizes and highlights some of the ways collaboration can enhance clinical practice in stuttering and to suggest ways clinicians can collaborate with other professionals in their attempts to improve the lives of people who stutter.

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