2003 IFA Congress: Montreal, Canada

Stuttering Therapy in The Schools: Focus Groups With School Clinicians

John A. Tetnowski, Jack S. Damico, & Jennifer T. Tetnowski
University Of Louisiana at Lafayette, P.O. Box 431 70, Lafayette, LA 70504-3170 USA


Past research has shown that speech-language pathologists lack confidence when working with people who stutter (Brisk, Healey, & Hux, 1997; St. Louis, & Lass, 1981). These data comes primarily from survey, or anecdotal evidence, without in-depth analysis of the causes for this attitude. This study presents results from a series of focus groups with public school clinicians that treat PWS. Results show that clinicians perceive barriers to successful therapy. These barriers include stuttering-specific reasons, such as small incidence of PWS on their caseloads or poor training, as well as organizational-specific reasons, such as lack of flexibility in scheduling and uncooperative teachers.
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