2003 IFA Congress: Montreal, Canada

The Successful Stuttering Management Program: Assessment of Stuttering and Speech Rate

Michael Blomgren, Nelson Roy, Tom Callister
Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders
The University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah, 84112, USA


Nineteen adult stuttering speakers participated in a three-week intensive stuttering modification treatment program (the Successful Stuttering Management Program). Stuttering rate and speech durations were assessed immediately pre-treatment and immediately post-treatment. Stuttering rate was calculated as a percentage of stuttering on an oral reading task and a spontaneous monologue task. Speech durations were calculated as speech rate and articulatory rate. Speech rate was measured as the overall duration of a reading passage and articulatory rate was measured as the average /i/ vowel duration during the reading passage. Based on mean scores, clinically positive trends in decreased stuttering rate were observed post-treatment, however these decreases did not reach statistical significance. Total reading passage duration and vowel durations did not change significantly. Discussion focuses on the possible interplay between stuttering rate "and speech rate and articulatory durations.
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