2003 IFA Congress: Montreal, Canada

Genetic Aspects of Stuttering in South Korea

Moonja Shin1 and Sungeun Lee2
1Shin’s Speech-Language Clinic, Hae S00 B/D IE Socho-Dong, I360-12 Socho-Gu, Seoul, Korea
2Graduate Program in Speech Pathology, Yonsei University, 134 Shinchon-Dong Seodaemurz-Gu , Seoul, Korea


This study investigated the genetic inheritance of 229 stuttering males and females between ages 2 and 45. Subjects were divided into three age groups. 55 percent of subjects reported a family history of stuttering. Females who stuttered were more likely than males who stuttered to have stuttering relatives. Among the preschool and school-age groups, subjects without language difficulties were no more likely than adult subjects to have a family history. Adult subjects without language difficulties were more likely to have a family history. Stuttering-onset ages were earlier for subjects with a family history of stuttering than for subjects without it.
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