Your profile is how you control what and how much information about you is displayed on the site.  Display your profile by clicking on "Your Profile" in the main menu.

Edit your profile by clicking on the "Edit" drop-down menu above your name and select "Update Your Profile"

Save your changes by clicking "Update" at the bottom of your profile, or "Cancel" to revert to unchanged profile.
The "Privacy" setting at the top of the Contact Info tab determines where you will be shown on Public Member Lists and Maps.  

  • Choose Public to make your profile visible to any website visitor.  
  • Choose "IFA" to make your profile visible to only IFA members.
  • Choose "Private" to make your profile vislble to only website administrators.

Note that not everything on your profile can be seen by others: fields than can be seen have an eye icon by them, field that are visible only to you and site administrators have an eye icon with a slash through it.  For example, your street address is visible to you on your Membership tab but not to visitors or other IFA members, independent of the Privacy setting.

Files such as a Portrait or IFA Expert Details are uploaded after you click "Update"