Swedish Comprehensive Stuttering Program - Evaluation Two To Four Years After Treatment

Helena Foarne-Wastlund1, 2

1Department of Disability Research, The University of Orebro, Sweden
2Waslund Speech Clinic, BOA Prosodi AB, Orebro, Sweden, Sigillgaian 167SE 703 78 Orebro, Sweden


The Comprehensive Stuttering Program was introduced to Sweden through a project in 1997- 2000, which included a pilot study of nine stutterers. Two years after therapy each participant was evaluated over the phone by a third person, analysing their spontaneous speech, oral reading; dysfluencies and overall impression of Stuttering Severity. They were asked to evaluate their current communication skills, rate well- being and expectations on a 0 -5 scale of positive statements concerning communication. Evaluation continues. In this section the outcome of the 2 to 4-year follow-up of 33 participants will be presented.
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