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Joint World Congress Organizers

Joint World Congress Team Members

There are many individuals who are involved in organizing the Joint World Congress, and we are hugely grateful for all their efforts.

Congress Organizing Team

Annie Bradberry   ISA
Charley Adams   ICA
Hanan Hurwitz   ISA
Jayne Bulbeck   IFA
Jenny Packer (co-chair)  IFA
Keisuke Saito   Genyukai
Kirsten Howells (co-chair)   IFA
Maria João Morgado   IFA
Norimune Kawai   JSSFD
Shoko Miyamoto   JSSFD
Susanne Cook   ICA
Terry Bemis   Advisor


The Joint World Congress is a collaborative effort by members of the Organizing Associations, click to see the list of Associations.


In preparation for the 2018 World Congress the IFA is implementing Japanese translations of some pages on the site. Choosing Japanese below to see these translations.

Not all pages are translated, but you can use Google translate to see a machine translation using the switch below

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