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Call for Papers

Call for Papers



Many thanks to all who submitted presentation proposals for this collaborative event. We are delighted with the enthusiastic response to the Call for Papers! Proposals are now being evaluated by the review committees, and corresponding authors will be informed of the outcome of the review process during February.




One World, Many Voices: Science and Community, the Inaugural Joint World Congress of the International Cluttering Association, International Fluency Association, and International Stuttering Association, is a ground-breaking initiative with seemingly diverse groups cooperating effectively to explore stuttering and cluttering. The theme of the upcoming congress resonates with our shared belief that worthwhile advances in quality of life and advocacy for those living with fluency disorders occur best in the context of open dialogue and mutual respectful exchange among people who stutter or clutter, therapists seeking to help, and researchers seeking to understand the nature of fluency disorders and best intervention practices.

This congress will, therefore, include a variety of presentation and workshop types, with a focus on high-quality research, advances in quality of life, and social opportunities promoting contact and networking both within and across the diverse groups. Although only presentations and workshops of the highest standards will be accepted for inclusion in the program, sessions aimed at either specific audiences, or at all the groups involved in this collaborative congress are welcome.


Types of proposals
We invite presentation proposals on a wide variety of topics related to stuttering, cluttering, and other fluency disorders. Suitable topics include, among others, etiology and development of stuttering and cluttering, living with stuttering and cluttering, therapy, support, advocacy and empowerment, workplace and disability issues, as well as opportunities for networking and socializing. Proposals on the topic of introducing therapy for stuttering in Japan are also welcome.

Proposals may be submitted in English or Japanese although, due to the international nature of the congress, English is encouraged whenever possible.

Proposals for oral and poster presentations are now invited in the categories outlined below. The categories do not necessarily reflect different streams within the congress but, rather, are intended to ensure that proposals can be allocated to the most appropriate Review Committee. You should select the category you feel best corresponds to your proposal. The Program Committee reserves the right to send proposals to an alternative Review Committee if this is deemed appropriate during the review process.

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