George Fourlas
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  • Stuttering in Children
  • Stuttering in Adults
  • Cognitive Behavioral Treatment
  • Differential Diagnosis of Stuttering
Solution Focused Brief Therapy
  • Clinicians
  • Consumers
  • Children
Fourlas, G. (2010). Evaluation of Telematic Services for Guiding Parents of Prescho?l CWS, 2nd European Symposiun in Fluency Disorders.

Fourlas, G. (2010). A single subject study on the effects of an intensive group therapy programme for adults who stutter. 28th World Congress of the International Association of Logopedists and Phoniatrists.

Fourlas,G. (2011). “Functional Communication Modification Therapy”: Effects on adults who stutter. 9th Oxford Dysfluence Conference proccedings. Oxford:Elsevier.

Fourlas,G. & Marousos,D. (2015). A report on the development and clinical application of Lexipontix, a new therapy programme for school age CWS. Procedia - Social & Behavioural Sciences, 193, 92-107.

Fourlas, G. (2016). Lexipontix, the threatening mouse becomes a companion pet. 5th European Symposium on Fluency Disorders 2016, Antwerp.

Fourlas,G. (2016). Management of stuttering during the early school years: International Perspectives - The Lexipontix programme. 30th World Congress of the IALP, August 2016. Dublin, Ireland.
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